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Welcome to this magnificent estate which welcomes you with
its enchanting site and its natural stone property,
offering an exceptional living experience. As soon as you
arrive, you will be amazed by the beauty of the landscape
that surrounds this unique property. The combination of
natural stone and modern design creates a harmonious
balance between traditional charm and contemporary comfort.

The kitchen embodies the perfect marriage between
functionality and elegance. Its spacious central island
offers both a food preparation space and a warm gathering
place for family and friends.

You will find three sumptuous bedrooms, each designed to
create a peaceful retreat. Natural materials and soothing
colors contribute to a serene atmosphere, while clever
layouts ensure space and convenience.

What really sets this property apart is the ability to
create an intergenerational space. Whether it is to
accommodate family members, friends or to make it an
additional source of income, this flexibility is a
testament to the ingenuity of the design.
As you explore the estate further, you will discover a
superb barn which serves as a reception room. With its
rustic charm and spacious layout, it's the perfect place to
host special events, receptions or memorable gatherings.
The possibilities offered by this barn are as vast as your

When you venture outside, you will be greeted by a lovingly
landscaped estate that reflects a love of nature and
landscape design. A private natural lake adds a touch of
tranquility to the surroundings, creating a perfect place
for relaxation and contemplation. Next to the lake, a
blueberry plantation invites you to immerse yourself in
nature and harvest delicious fruits during the season.

In short, this estate offers much more than a simple
property: it is a complete living experience, where modern
comfort blends with natural beauty. Every detail, from the
elegant interior spaces to the picturesque exterior
courtyard, contributes to creating a truly unique place
where you can create unforgettable memories and enjoy life
in all its glory.
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