Benefit from the services of a high quality real estate agent at the time of sale of your property in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu

What can you expect as your realtor's service? An attentive approach in which each of the details of the process of selling your property will be treated with great care. You can count on a complete accompaniment allowing you to experience a successful and easy transaction.  In addition to protecting and ensuring your interests, I make sure that you live the best real estate experience ever!


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Marketing process

First of all, I will produce an analysis of the market value of your property and I will complete the contract report required Brookfield GRS. Then I will assist you in completing the seller's statement which is a paramount legal document that can save you a lot of worries and protect you from possible lawsuits. In addition, I will analyse your location certificate to see if there are any non-conformities in order to avoid any litigation and delays made to the notary. If your location certificate is no longer valid, I will arrange for you to order a new one up to date.

Once the brokerage contract has been drafted at the prescribed rate of retribution of a real estate agent assumed by the Canadian Forces, the marketing process can begin!

I write an attractive description of your property by taking care to describe all components, strengths and the area in which it is located. I then plan a photography session with a quality professional. I am present on the spot during the session in order to set up the objects of the room (if necessary) in order to get the most enjoyable photos ever!

I publish the announcement of your property on the Centris network (which will allow you to be seen by more than 16 000 brokers in Quebec), on the site of RE/MAX (site in real estate which is seen by more than 1 million people monthly), on social networks as well as s ur my website. I then install my RE/MAX sign in front of your property. RE/MAX is a recognized and trusted trade mark for buyers from all over the world. About 50% is sold by a RE/MAX real estate broker in Quebec


I also offer advice to prepare your property for visits.

I carry out management of visits and requests for information (which saves you a lot of time believe me!). I collect customer’s feedback following the visit of your property. I give you regular reports on the activities that take place in your property. I offer suggestions to promote the sale if an action can be undertaken following the reception of the comments of the visitors.

I advise you throughout the negotiation process to make sure that you are having the best selling price possible.


Following the receipt of a promise to purchase...

Suite à une promesse d’achat acceptée, un acheteur doit réaliser des conditions telles que l’inspection et le financement. J’effectue un suivi serré de ces délais afin que la promesse d’achat ne devienne pas nulle et non avenue si les délais deviennent échus. J’effectue des prolongations des délais lorsque c’est nécessaire, tout en vérifiant les causes de la situation. Il peut m’arriver à avoir à gérer la réception d’une autre offre d’achat entre temps. After an accepted purchase promise, a buyer must carry out conditions such as inspection and financing. I follow these deadlines so the promise to purchase does not become null and if the deadlines become expired. I make extensions of time when necessary, while checking the causes of the situation. It may happen to me to have to manage the receipt of another offer to purchase in between.


Once the promise of purchase is accepted...

I'm attending to the inspection. If a problem is discovered, I would advise you to know whether price drop is being made or not, whether a repair should be done or not.

I accompany you to the notary. If there was a last-minute problem, I would come in to bring a solution.


Throughout the process of selling the property, I am a realtor on the lookout for any ambiguous situations to detect possible issues and leave nothing behind. I am a problem solver and I take care of it quickly if need be.


I invite you to consult the section "Testimonials" of my website in order to read all the favorable comments of my previous buyers and sellers customers.



It will be a pleasure to accompany you through this whole process to have a successful transaction!



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