The first minutes when a buyer sets foot in a house are decisive. Indeed, impulse to buy is often due to an immediate blow of heart towards the property. It’s therefore interesting for a seller to revamp the parts that require it in order to optimize the sales process. We want to seduce the buyer! So how to make the house more attractive? Yes, by the home staging!

Home staging aims to make your home more attractive and less personal for a future buyer. We hope to sell it more quickly with the expectation of a better price. Is home staging really worth the money invested? In fact, there is not always a lot of money to invest if you already own the furniture. The buyer could perceive the value of the “home staged” property slightly beyond its market value thanks to its enhanced look, but it remains subjective to everyone. What we can strongly say on the other hand is that the houses well decorated with a fair price will sell much faster than a house with ugly decor!

Home staging principles:
-Decluttering the parts
-Paint in neutral colors
-Clean everywhere
-Depersonalise house
-Repairing minor breakages
Here are some pictures of home staging before/after borrowed from the net



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